ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel for DELTA. For Jackery Explorer & SUAOKI - RV

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ECOFLOW Portable Power Station, Power Outdoors

ECOFLOW 100W Solar Panel

Stay charged with the power of the sun. Connect More Solar Panel to your compatible EFDELTA Power Station, collect more solar energy efficiently to charge your coofee maker and fridge and ECOFLOW portable power station, enjoy the benefit of power while off-grid. The 110W solar panel is foldable, portable, completely adjustable and waterproof, silent and stylish.

Q: What can the 110W Solar Panel charge?

A: Recharge EFDELTA:MC4 Ports to XT60 Cable (Sold separately) and EFDELTA package is included.

Recharge RIVER 370/R 600: MC4 ports to Type C Cable (Sold separately from us).

Chain 110W Solar Panel: Solar MC4 Parallel cable (Sold separately from others)

Q: Is the 110W Solar Panel water resistant?

A: The Solar Charger is IP67 certified, with waterproof MC4 port so that you can submerge the panel in water for up to 30 minutes with no detri-mental effect to the product.

Q: Can I chain multiple 110W/60W Solar Panel together?

A: The chainable feature enables you to chain a maximum of four 110W solar panels together with the MC4 cable. Please note that RIVER 370cannot support more than one solar panel per single port. Our safety system will prevent the panels from charging RIVER overloaded should you accidentally chain too many devices together.

Q: How to choose the solar panel for EFDELTA and what is the charge time?

A: Compatible Solar panel must meets below:Open Circuit voltage(OCV):10-65V/ 10A, 400W Max. (MC4 to XT60 Connector Included)

Charge time: Depends on the input power of the solar panel (the strength of the direct sunshine, realistic data varies from different temperature, angles,weather etc.)